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The Lost Pyramid

I don’t have much to say about this piece. It’s just a random imagination. 😉 Software used: Cinema 4d and...

Under The Golden Mountain

….guess what is there??? A lost undiscovered U.F.O! …if only I could discover it…. Software Used: Cinema...

Back to Dead Shore

….just thought about a Sci-fi scene but finally decide to make the story short and simple. May be someday I’ll redesign this scene with a new. Software Used: Cinema...

Space Gateway

It’s not the exact scene that I wanted to create but nevermind! Software Used: Cinema...

Power Station

…just doodling since couple of days to create some scifi structures for my future artworks. I guess scifi structures don’t follow any rule. So I think my models are still ok for making a futuristic scene. It’s my fantasy world & I’ll make by my way! So here I go. Hope you like it! Render time:5hrs:3mins:27secs. Software Used: Cinema...


…guess what I’m hatching over there right now! Anyone interested to be my business partner??? We can be millionaire! Anyway, everything has been done from the sketch except the human character, the character is from c4d content library.  I still suck modeling human. I made some more weird scifi structures for this scene but failed to merge them together. C4d always says low memory! But I’m still happy with this one! Render Time: 7hrs:47mins:33secs. Software Used: Cinema...

Underground Colony

I’m trying to make some sci-fi scenes with my recent 3d models which I’ve created without any direction. I’m feeling brainless at the moment,nothing is coming out. It’s really tough to come up with new idea in every time. I started this work with different idea but it turns into another thing.It’s really nice to see that sometime we think something but the result says different. Sometime we satisfy, sometime not. Anyway I’m happy with this outcome. Hope you like it too ! Render time: 7hrs:11mins:04secs. Software Used: Cinema...

Lost Civilization

Pheww! The very first time I spend some time to create mountain/landscape and finally finish this piece. I started with a different concept but suddenly I come up another idea, so here is this. Sorting the mountains was really a tough task to me. I had no idea how put them together. But finally I sort the problem. Anyway…no photoshop editing, completely done by C4d. Only Zygote human from C4d content library but it was hell of a hard work when I rig the characters. Adding bones in human body is really hard job. Thank God I’m not doing this in real life. Anyway…take a look at...

Frozen City

Finally I’ve merged some of my buildings which are less details and I’m glad to make a scene of them. The outcome looks promising to me. Software Used: Cinema...


Render time : 6hrs:21mins:45secs. Software Used: Cinema 4D &...

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