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Far Cry is a first-person shooter that contains many elements of exploration of the free world. As special forces veteran Jack Carver, you’re only on a tropical island, looking for a missing reporter. Against you, the squadrons of mercenaries and other more exotic opponents. You have to explore the island, the bad guys shoot and go to the bottom of the case. Welcome to JungleFar Cry’s pioneer in the combination of open-world exploration and first person shooter action; It was a critical success and fired a series of sequels. The concept is not as innovative today as it was when the game was first released in 2004-after all, successful imitation breeds–but the game is still tense and exciting. Even in comparison with the modern Games some of it is well polished, if the enemy really challenging AI. If you have other first person shooters, you will not get also of the ordinary on the controls here, though the game focuses a little more on stealth and branch legalistic thinking than on the heavy fire power-Jack Carver certainly difficult, but it is not indestructible. Although outdated by modern standards, the graphics are still pretty. (function () {(‘ overview-App-page-desktop ‘);}); Once again, a classicFar cry is not the most advanced Visual technology it once was, but the gameplay remains captivating enough to go back or dive for the first time. More on Far Cry

In Far Cry 3 you play Jason, part of a group of American tourists that elephant rides sadistic caught on a tropical island. You escape, and you are saved by an indigenous tribe, which is on the path of a warrior that can save your friends from the sadistic pirate. It is an open world adventure on an island that is absolutely full of things to discover the map of the island of Far Cry 3 to 18 radio towers, which each discovers more goals and you get better weapons. Once activated, makes the zip line to the ground. You will have many animals, very deadly, in the jungle. Chasing this, gathering plants, as well as new elements that open new (feature () {(‘ overview-application-page-desktop ‘);}); You have to extend the reach and conquer pirate from the stalls, put them in the hands of the friendly natives, and give him safe-houses. Far Cry 3 will give you tons of vehicles and without having to manually speed up your journey around the island, as well as a quick travel option, so you can quickly jump to one of your cry 3 is a violent game with a mixture of stealth and shootings. There are a lot of missions and secondary missions, so much that almost impossible not to if you make their way around the island away stopped.

The Advanced missions are superb mixtures of strategy, stealth and brute strength, and is very satisfactory. You have many tools and strategies available for you: from silent rifles and landmines, caged animals and explosive arrows like Rambo. On a mission to encourage a Tiger move near a pirate camp to see the guards and they fall, causing me much less. Animals like this and the Dragons of Komono is very dangerous when you stumble with them, produced plants and animals know far experience points to earn, learn new skills, open new skills. You have flexibility in how you jasones to develop skills, to your game and the graphics of SoundFar Cry 3 excellent the island is really beautiful, and it is frightening to dark. Interact with the objects you always shine smooth for makkelijkerOm toto see.

Sound effects are very effective. The jungle is alive with the sounds of the animals, and you find the old vehicles are convenient rattly. The only criticism I have is that the discourse of the pirate gallants tend to repeat. It is often very funny, but the repetition makes the game less to cry 3 is a big adventure Sandbox. The island is really full of things to do, and you have a lot of freedom. Although he quietly shares with Y, the open world push him away.

The story takes you from the beginning, and you really feel like a lost tourist to start with, but soon begins to feel at home in the jungle, as a fighter against the pirate.

Far Cry 3 takes the ideas of previous games and they more or less perfects. It is an exciting adventure game with one of the most attractive and open worlds of a video game.

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